My research lies in the area of observational astrophysics and galaxy evolution. I focus on the study of the fundamental properties of nearby and distant galaxies, aiming to shed light on their formation, growth, and evolution across the history of the Universe. For my research, I use multi-wavelength data (ranging from X-rays to radio) and I specialise in optical/infrared/submm/radio space (HST, JWST, Spitzer, Herschel) as well as ground-based observations (ALMA, NOEMA, VLT, KECK). I am leading and actively participate in numerous international projects that aim to pioneered our view of galaxy evolution, to develop new methods and tools to explore the Universe and eventually understand the origins and the history of our Cosmos. The immediate aims of my research along with some selected publications are listed below:

The gas mass reservoir of star-forming galaxies and its evolution across cosmic time

Starbursting versus normal star formation

Deep optical, FIR and mm cosmological surveys

The interstellar medium of star forming galaxies

Gas dynamics, clustering and the connection between the star-formation and the dark matter halo of distant galaxies

The first "dead" galaxies in The Universe and the quenching mechanisms of star-formation

The first galaxies and QSOs in the Universe